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S3C - Restraint Seat

Restraint Seatflipped

SynTec Seating is the industry leader in school bus seating solutions. Our innovative S3C Restraint Seats are designed for flexibility and convenience while maintaining the highest safety standards. SynTec’s Restraint Seats come in a variety of widths to accommodate up to three passengers and can be configured for wall, floor or track mounting.  The S3C Restraint Seat is also the industry’s bench mark for convertible seating.

The S3C Restraint Seat meets all FMVSS and CMVSS requirements and can be easily converted into one of SynTec’s other school bus seating solutions, such as the Lap/Shoulder Seat or the Integrated Child Seat.  With no loss for capacity, the S3C Restraint Seat’s unique design allows the seat to be converted to and from any configuration in less than 2 minutes without removing the seat. In light of the uncertainty surrounding Lap/Shoulder Seats this can be a huge advantage in the future should federal or state regulations change.  Check out our video here to see how easily the S3C Restraint Seat can be converted to a Lap/Shoulder Seat or Integrated Child Seat.  Time saving for employees and cost-effective for school districts. Another great feature of this Restraint Seat, and SynTec’s other school bus seating products, is the ability to retrofit any SynTec seat to fit all Thomas buses.

Each feature of the S3C Restraint Seat is designed with safety in mind. For enhanced protection, the Restraint Seat includes material options such as Kevlar or Fireblock. Looking for a variation from the traditional seat color? SynTec offers the Restraint Seat in a variety of color options to fit your needs.


  • Available as Lap Belt Ready Seat or Equipped with Lap Belts
  • 26", 30", 36", 39" and 45" widths
  • Same footprint as S3B Base Seats – Mix and match with S3B Base seats in the same bus
  • Available in Wall / Floor / Track mount configurations
  • Meets all FMVSS requirements
  • Easily convertible to any of the following configurations
    • Lap / Shoulder Seat Configuration
      • Seat belts and buckles color-coded and keyed to deter mis-use
      • Seat belt buckles automatically retract into seat back when not in use
      • Non-sliding buckles keep the passenger in the correct position in a side impact
      • Passengers slide easily in/out of seat without buckle interference
      • Automotive seat belt hardware that has been tested and approved worldwide
      • Convertible to either Lap Belt Ready or ICS configuration in less than 2 minutes
    • Integrated Child Seat
      • Tested and certified for use for children 22-85 lbs.
      • 5-point harness for enhanced safety
      • Child seat modules easily fold into seat back when not in use
      • Convertible to either Restraint or Lap / Shoulder configuration in less than 2 minutes

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For more information about the Restraint Seat, or any of our other innovative seating solutions, please contact us.

Maintenance Benefits

  • Square tube construction provides maximum durability
  • Self-latching seat cushion can be removed or replaced in seconds

Standard Configuration

  • 39″ Lap Belt Ready FMVSS / CMVSS 222 compliant convertible school bus seat
  • 42 oz. vinyl upholstery
  • Same footprint as S3B Base Seating System

Optional Configurations

  • Lap Belt equipped
  • Flip Seat
  • Davenport Seat
  • 26″, 30″, 36″, 39″ and 45″ widths


  • Color Options: Green / Blue / Grey
  • Material Options: 42 oz. / Kevlar / Fireblock
  • Side: Left Side, Right Side
  • Mount: Wall Mount, Floor Mount, Track Mount
  • ISO: ISO Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children
  • Lap Belts: Black / Colored