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NHTSA School Transportation Fact Sheet

According to a fact report released by the NHTSA, there were 331,730 fatal motor vehicle crashes from 2005 to 2014, of those crashes, 1,191 (0.4%) were classified as school-transportation-related.

School Transportation-Related Crashes

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

May 2016

NHTSA’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis released a report detailing School-Transportation-Related Crash Data from 2005 - 2014.

Key Findings from the report include:

  • From 2005 to 2014, there were 1,332 people of all ages killed in school-transportation-related crashes — an average of 133 fatalities per year.
  • From 2005 to 2014, there were 304 school-age children who died in school-transportation-related crashes: 53 were occupants of school transportation vehicles, 130 were occupants of other vehicles, 111 were pedestrians, 9 were pedal cyclists, and1 was another non-occupant.
  • More school-age pedestrians were killed from 7 to 8 a.m. and from 3 to 4p.m. than any other hours of the day.
  • Forty (36%) of school-age pedestrian skilled in school-transportation-related crashes from 2005 to 2014 were 8 to 13 years old.
  • Nearly two-thirds (64%) of the school-age pedestrians fatally injured in school-transportation-related crashes were struck by school buses or vehicles functioning as school buses (2005 to 2014).
  • Among school-age child occupants killed in school-transportation-related crashes, more than twice as many died in other vehicles (130), than school transportation vehicles (53).
  • Among the 110 occupants killed in school transportation vehicles, 46 were drivers and 64 were passengers.
  • Impacts to the front of school transportation vehicles occurred in 51 percent of fatal school-transportation-related crashes.

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