About Us

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SynTec Seating Solutions is the largest school bus seat manufacturer in the industry, serving customers with quality seats since 2001. We are a fully integrated seat manufacturer with a dedicated staff, manufacturing quality products on time, every day. SynTec is best known for providing the standard school bus seats found in thousands of Thomas Built Buses, transporting children safely to school daily.

The recent acquisition of Syntec by Takata USA, gives us the backing of one of the largest automotive safety companies in the world. Takata is a global seat belt and air bag manufacturer with over 35,000 employees and sales of approximately $4 billion a year. As a part of Takata, we are able to benefit from their engineering expertise, years of experience in transportation safety, and the use of their state of the art crash/sled testing facility in Auburn Hills, MI.

At SynTec we believe in solving our customers’ needs with the most technically advanced, affordable and maintenance friendly seating solutions possible. To achieve that goal, we are proud to introduce the latest in our line-up of products – the S3 Family of Seats! The S3 Family of Seats provide a school district or contractor with the flexibility of “converting” standard S3 school bus seats to restraint, lap/shoulder or integrated child seats using our “6-2-1″ system. The
“6-2-1″ system allows conversions without removing the seats from the bus!

SynTec Seating Solutions